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Q: Who supports the skatepark?
A: The Lakeside Skatepark Committee has approved of the idea of building a skatepark on a site where the topography will be well suited for that purpose. The committee will be leading the project with the help of the community, planning assistants and skateparks designers who are very interested in the project. The project also is supported by members of organizations in the community including Lakeside Highway Lions, County of San Diego Department of Park and Recreation, Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, Womens Club of Lakeside, Lakeside Planning Commission, Lakeside business owners, Lakeside community churches, interested students and a group of young skateboarders.

Q: Will the county face increased liability by having the skatepark?
A: Insuring a skatepark poses no greater liability than insuring baseball fields or other sport facilities. The skatepark will have signage explaining that safety gear is required and other rules and regulations.

Q: How will the skatepark be funded?
A: Ideally, the skatepark will be built with private donations and in-kind contributions. Several grants will be sought to help meet the costs including support from The Tony Hawk Foundation.

Q: Why is the community doing this now, when it has been discussed before?
A: Providing activities for youth has been a long-standing concern for the community of Lakeside as well as County
Supervisor, Diane Jacob. This project has been on the matrix of The Lakeside Revitalization Committee for 10 years. The community recognized that a groundswell of community support was emerging when Lakeside Highway Lions Club pledged to assist in the development of a skatepark. The recently formed Lakeside Skatepark Committee agreed to actively be involved in the planning, fundraising and construction.

Q: Who will pay for maintenance and repairs?
A: It has not been determined who will maintain the skatepark, but at the time of construction the County will have negotiated responsibility in an agreement for maintenance and repairs. The committee also anticipates the community will be involved on an on-going basis and the facility will be designed to need as little maintenance as possible.

Q: What about vandalism?
A: The Lakeside Skatepark Committee is consulting with the San Diego County Sherriff Department to minimize such potential problems. In essence, the skatepark will be made of concrete with steel used in several skating features, creating minimal opportunities for vandalism. However, the involvement of the skateboarders themselves in the project will build their sense of ownership in the facility.
Q: What is the environmental impact of building the skatepark?
A: Project planners will work to minimize environmental impacts. One of the priorities in designing the skatepark has been to incorporate it with the natural setting. Construction will include a landscaping plan, which will ultimately improve the appearance.

Q: How will a site be chosen?
A: The Lakeside Skatepark Committee has adopted the Public Skatepark Development Guide published by International Association of Skateboard Companies, Skaters For Public Skateparks and Tony Hawk Foundation. Therefore, criteria for site selection will be based on: 1. Visibility  2. Comfort  3. Access 4. Activity

Q: Who can use the skatepark?
A: The skatepark will be open to skateboarding only.
Q: Who will design the skatepark?
A: The County will facilitate the design process. They will hire professional and experienced skatepark designers who will involve the public, especially Lakeside skateboarders, to view the site, attend workshops and provide input for design. Local surveyors, excavators and contractors will be included for additional expertise.